Take Hold of Your Migraines: 5 Tips to Keep Prevent them this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for celebrating, indulging, and enjoying friends and family. However, this can be difficult when you’re constantly hurting from a migraine. Follow these tips to keep your migraines in check this holiday season.

Watch the Alcohol
After a big night out, hangovers are almost inevitable. However, if you’re prone to migraines, even one or two drinks can cause a migraine attack. Dark alcohols like red wine, brandy and whiskey should be avoided to lessen your chances of a getting a migraine.

Keep Your Diet in Check
It’s easy to indulge in treats during the holiday season, but watching what you eat can decrease your chances of a migraine attack. Avoid aged cheeses like blue cheese or Parmesan, as well foods made with nitrates like pepperoni, hot dogs, and lunch meats. It’s also best to stay away from baked goods, potato chips, and pizza.

Try to Minimize Stress
Minimizing stress can be especially difficult during the holiday season, but downsizing your stress is key to avoiding migraines. Plan common triggers like gift shopping, parties, and transportation in advance to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Prioritize Sleep
In order to curb migraines, it’s essential to get the recommended eight hours of sleep. Whether this means leaving the party a few hours early or cutting out time for a mid-day nap, make sure to find time for some well-deserved Zzzz’s.

Find Time to Exercise
Gyms are often closed for the holidays, or you may find yourself far from home and away from your everyday routine. However, that’s not an excuse to skip a workout. Workouts are a great way to prevent migraines, so even finding time for a jog around the neighborhood can be preventative.

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