Why You Should Quickly Head To A Chiropractor After An Auto Injury

All automobile accidents are painful. Not only can there be expensive physical damage to your car, but there can also be serious injuries to the precious cargo inside your car – you and your passengers. In the chaos following an accident, it’s not unusual for those involved to imagine that they feel just fine. The […]

The Hidden Auto Accident Injury That Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

Unfortunately, most doctors do not have specific training when it comes to automobile collision related injuries. It is not just regular medical doctors that miss this problem, but also most radiologists are not even looking for this hidden injury. The amount force experienced in an auto collision is unique in that it produces a condition […]

Assistance With Back Pain Through Chiropractic Care

Professional chiropractic care has the ability to significantly reduce back pain symptoms. The most important step in reducing the back pain symptoms is identifying the source of the pain. Common causes for back pain can be stemming from discs (discogenic pain), facet (joint) pain, muscle, and ligaments. Regardless of the causes, chiropractic care has been […]

Beyond Neck Pain: How Whiplash Affects Your Whole Body

If you’ve ever been in an auto accident, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered whiplash to some degree. Even a minor fender bender where the airbags don’t deploy is enough to cause rapid extension of the neck, resulting in whiplash. And while your neck stiffness and soreness may fade in a few days’ time, there’s […]

Why Chiropractic Succeeds Where Treatment of Pain Fails

If pain is communicated primarily through the nervous system, and chiropractic’s main focus is to restore the nervous system to optimal functioning, it should be clear why chiropractic care can be a very effective way to treat pain even though pain relief is not chiropractic’s main focus. Yes, most people initially seek chiropractic care for […]


Have you given up on making New Year’s resolutions? This is the year you can get back on track. The number one resolution in most of everyone’s mind is to lose weight. Losing weight can always be a challenge, looking for shortcuts and usually giving ourselves the lack of necessities needed for survival to do […]


Whiplash is a common injury if you’ve been in a car accident. Let’s say you were in a frontal collision. In this case, your car stops abruptly but your body—including your head and neck—continues to move forward in the direction the car was traveling and is then whipped back, only stopping upon contact with the […]


If you have pain that shoots down your legs or feels uncomfortable in the lower back region, you could be suffering from sciatic nerve pain. Millions of people suffer from sciatic nerve pain, with the levels of pain and location varying from person to person. The identifiable quality of sciatic nerve pain is that it […]