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Helping people relieve pain for over 24 years

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Blakely for over 10 years, visiting Mission Village Chiropractic for regular adjustments as well as sports and oocupational injuries. Dr. Blakely always sets me right and I leave the clinic feeling absolutely great! I look forward to many more years of great chiropractic care from Dr. Blakely and the awesome staff at Mission Village Chiropractic.

Steve O.
San Diego

I've been going to Mission Village Chiropractic in San Diego for over two years now. I sit at the computer for most of the day at my job in Lakeside, and was having lower back pains with some forward neck/hunching problems. Doctor Blakely had a lot of tips I could do on my own, and with chiropractic work helped me straighten up!

The real success story though is my wife, who referred me after having great success coming back from a car accident left her with severe shoulder pain. I was hesitant at first but after her recovery I was a believer. I would definitely recommend this place!

Matt T.
El Cajon

Dr. Blakely is what I call “Doctors Doctor”. He has been my personal Chiropractor the last few years. I demand the highest quality Chiropractic care, because I to am a chiropractor, practicing for 29 years. Each case is customized for the patient and I always leave feeling better that when I walked in!!

Elise H.
San Diego

I came in for Chiropractic care because of low back pain. At the time that I came in I was leaning to the left side pretty bad. Dr. Blakely took x-rays and analyzed my posture. After a few visits I was able to stand and walk straight. Now I visit regularly for preventative maintenance care.

Ricardo T.
San Diego

In 1993 I discovered Chiropractic care for stress and hereditary spinal curvature. When I moved to San Diego in 1999, I was fortunate to find Dr. Blakely and his caring staff. My adjustments relieve pain, promote good digestion and sound sleep. I cannot say enough about the positive atmosphere in the office where I am always treated with kindness, warmth and respect. I feel valued and walk out each time feeling like a new, refreshed and well cared for person.

Victoria M.
San Diego

I recently got hit by a car while I was walking. Dr. Blakely took me right in and has come up with a plan for a speedy recovery. At first i was unable to walk without pain. After only a few visits I'm starting to feel better. And walking comfortably. Dr. Blakely is very passionate about what he does and will figure out a solution to your problem. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!

Vanessa C.
San Diego

I have had a lot of sports injuries in the past and it wasn't until recently that I was having more pains in my back as I was jogging. Of course I ignored them and kept going until they persisted to get worse.

One of my friends that I jog with told me to find a chiropractor and so I began looking in to it. I went to one chiropractor and was very uncomfortable so I stopped going. Then I was referred to Dr. Blakely at Mission Village Chiropractic by a friend which now I am completely grateful for.

Eric W.
San Diego

I first visited MVC with considerable back pain which was not responding well to conventional treatment. Upon reviewing the x-rays taken that first day , Dr Blakely suggested a treatment plan. It’s worth saying at this point, that I am a “Special Needs” Patient. You see, I Have Parkinson’s Disease…

It is a short two weeks later, and I now have nearly complete freedom of movement, and have close to eliminated the pain associated with the damage done (over years) to my lower back. I enthusiastically recommend Dr Blakely and MVC to assist you in Managing PD Symptoms.

San Diego

I have been seeing Dr. Blakely for about 13 years. The caring and friendly atmosphere are only part of the reason I have had nothing but positive comments about my visits. More important, the treatment that Dr. Blakely gives make the visits worth coming to. I always walk away feeling relaxed and in much less pain than when I came in. Thank you for all the years of wonderful care.

Dan M.
San Diego

I came to the chiropractor reluctantly after having a car accident after my Dad persuaded me to. Progress was slow at first but as time went on I not only felt my back getting better but also stronger than it ever had before. I found everyone on the staff to be exceptionally friendly and helpful. I would recommend to anyone with or without back problems to come and get adjusted even if it's just for the relaxation and experience.

Carlos S
San Diego

I have had a cervical issue for years, being aware of the delicate nature of this problem, I have to be very cautious about who I see for treatment since the treatment is adjusting the C1 for me. I initially went to Dr. B for lower back problems after meeting him through a work acquaintance. I was experiencing some weird (for me) symptoms and after talking to him about his experience and techniques I went ahead and had an adjustment. He's fantastic. We discussed the changes in my life that had brought on the muscle pains leading to the weird alignment I was experiencing and he gave me advice on how to rectify the situation caused by my new home office set up! What a GOD SEND!

Vonn T.
San Diego

After being away from much needed chiropractic care, I made an appointment with Dr. Blakely at Mission Village Chiropractic. After only a couple of visits, I can already feel improvement. He is very friendly, gentle and makes you feel very comfortable. There is never a long wait and his office staff is very friendly as well! I would highly recommend Dr. Blakely to anyone looking for a chiropractor!

Allison B.
San Diego

I have been seeing Dr. Blakely for 6 months and I have seen great improvement in my range of motion in my neck and a HUGE reduction in pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Blakely and Mission Village Chiropractic for any neck or back issues.

Erik F.
San Diego

I have been in Chiropractic care for many years. I am 84 years old and have good eye sight and still drive a car. Between Chiropractic and exercise that have help me keep in good shape. I feel that a Palmer graduate is the best of all the Chiropractors that have treated me for over 60 years of my life.

Thelma U.
San Diego

My orthopedic surgeon said that he had exhausted the possibilities of treating my back pain short of surgery. He recommended that I try Dr. Blakely's techniques as non-invasive treatment, Dr. Blakely's series of treatment has eliminated my back pain and has increased my mobility an feeling of well-being.

Opal T.
San Diego

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