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As a Mission Valley Chiropractor, we specialize in gentle, highly effective chiropractic treatment. At our chiropractor office in mission valley, we give a very thorough spinal examination and locate specific subluxations. Addressing each subluxation individually rather than simply “cracking” the entire spine. With chiropractic care, we target specific subluxations, we are then able to utilize a very gentle, carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore your vertebrae back to its normal position. Being a mission valley chiropractor and serving communities within, our gentle treatments are extremely effective in helping to eliminate neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain, headaches, sub-luxation, whiplash and many other occupational and recreational (sports) injuries. Using gentle chiropractic techniques, our goal is to reduce or remove any interference to your inborn healing abilities and guide you back to the path to optimum health.

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