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Hip Pain

Hip-related pain is not always felt directly over the hip. Instead, you may feel it in the middle of your thigh or in your groin. Similarly, pain you feel in the hip may actually reflect a problem in your back, rather than your hip itself.

Common Causes for hip pain include:

* Arthritis -- often felt in the front part of your thigh or in your groin
* Trochanteric bursitis -- hurts when you get up from a chair, walk, climb stairs, and drive
* Tendinitis from repetitive or strenuous activity
* Strain or sprain
* Low-back pain such as sciatica
* Infection

Other possible causes of hip pain include:

A hip fracture can change the quality of your life significantly. Fewer than 50% of those with a hip fracture return to their former level of activity. In addition, while recovering from a hip fracture, several possible complications can be life-threatening. These include pneumonia and a blood clot in the leg, which can dislodge and travel to cause a clot in the lungs. Both are due to immobility following a hip fracture and hip surgery.

Hip fractures become more common as people age because falls are more likely and bones become less dense. People with osteoporosis can get a fracture from simple, everyday activities, not just a dramatic fall or injury.

Aseptic necrosis can happen if you have been on steroids for a long time or you have sickle cell anemia. Injury and regular use of alcohol also increase your risk.

Legg-Calve-Perthes disease is a type of aseptic necrosis that happens in children.

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